Friday, March 11, 2011

Some Random New Records

Beans - End It All: abr0108LP73FUKA03
 Yep, that's my special one time only digital download code from the record, free for the first person that gives a fuck. Personally I'm a bit bored by it. Beans has this staccato, monotone style that would be great as part of a crew, but just gets old quick when left on it's own. 
 Most of the "songs" seem unfinished. No intro, outro, or changes. Perhaps he just got some loops from strangers and rhymed over them? Like most records it's better pitched all the way down, but not better enough to care about.


Spectre Folk - The Blackest Medicine Vol 2:
Spectres? Blackest Medicine? WTF? You guys are fucking liars. Folk? Sorta, maybe, but there is nothing spectral or black (let alone blackest) about this. I hear major chords, hand claps, shakers, wanky solos and general half assed c86 wanna be shit. I get the feeling that these guys would have named themselves after some dude in some book if they actually read books, not just Pitchfork. This is one of those 45s that's just as dull at 33 (maybe worse?).  

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