Monday, February 7, 2011

made up gallery shows

Since the random live journal image generator is down I'm gonna use the random flickr image generator withe random exhibition title generator to review a fake art exhibition.

So, this exhibtion is titled "Relational Illusion: Figuring Change". Apparently it's a group show.

First up is a piece called "Butterfly Head Eyebrow Owl Eats Best Friend Lives" Okay. This is awesome. While the classic realism of butterfly head eyebrow owl himself shows the skill of a trained artiste, the subtle poignancy in the juxtaposition of visual metaphor used in the rest of the composition shows an emotional depth rarely explored within the modern academic system. Totally bad ass.

This next piece was extra freaky. People kept coming up and poking at it. I mean, the detail in this little alien baby sculpture was just amazing. It was kinda eerie sitting on the couch with it just staring at your crotch and shit. Whoever made this is a fucking wizard!

Finally, there's this guy. I don't think he was actually "part of the show", but that chinese food smelled hella good. Just thinking about it is making me hungry.