Friday, December 24, 2010

Trans-species Pharmacological Fun

This article from PJ online, about animals getting wasted, is pretty cool. I've known a number of rabbits that are straight up drunks. We seriously had to lock Victor Victrola (the ladies lagamorph) away during band practice because he would steal our beer. He was a mean drunk too. I'm glad I live in urban America and don't have to deal with drunk elephants or mandrills on bad trips, or any of the other horrors of third world drug abuse.

Friday, December 10, 2010

LA Vampires & Matrix Metals - So Unreal -LP

LA Vampires & Matrix Metals - So Unreal -LP
I'm digging this. It's got that dreamy lo-fi production that all the kids are into these days, like some sort of hazy bedroom dub. It's got sweet electro grooves that make me wanna go cruisin' down the 1 in a cherry red, 8 bit 'vette. It's got sax so smooth you can see the blue neon. You know what I'm sayin'? It's good music for being stoned on the beach or doing K in Miami, at night.
(WARNING: This is total honkey music. Seriously, throw this shit on at a party and you'll be left with a pack of pastey art school drop outs by the end of side A.)

Thursday, December 9, 2010


"Trafficked" is a Youth Radio investigation produced with NPR's "All Things Considered". It explores the youth sex trade in Oakland. I lived near East 14th for a few years and saw these girls out there every day. It's fucking creepy. There's some mention in the "extras" of cops letting girls off in exchange for favors. Living at the end of an unlit alley I saw plenty of parked cop cars with bobbing heads. I wish that had been explored more. There's alot of shit I wish had been explored in greater detail, but it's cool that they're exposing this shit to people outside the neighborhood. It's a complex, fucked up situation, and it was cool to hear people that really lived it express themselves. Frequently you get some sheltered collage dip shit condescending to us all. Overall this ain't too bad for mainstream culture dipping it's toes into a self regulating community.
For better or worse, Oakland = Hustle.

"That's why I love Oakland. That's where I'm from. That's where I go get my money at."

Monday, December 6, 2010

Seagal / Van Damme split LP

Saxon Gregory Productions has been dropping some killer no frills cinema-sonic awesomeness on vinyl. Apparently this came out in 2007, but I just discovered it, and it's been getting some pretty heavy attention around here:
Seagal / Van Damme split LP - Fuck Yeah! I mean, whuh? I mean fuck yeah, but how does that even work? Well, it works like a well oiled machine my friend. This record isn't so much about the men as it is the legend. Each side is a collection of audio from trailers for these warriors greatest cinematic moments. The generic background music and over the top folley / sfx really steal the show here. Which, is pretty amazing, considering how captivating the narration about men in worlds fighting things against odds can be. If you're into mass media, bad assery, the 90's, or taping shit of the TV, you'll probably agree that this is one of the best records ever.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Nude Skydiving VS. Cool Mammal

Nude Skydiving - O.K. I guess this might feel kinda cool. Or not. Any sort of G-force applied to the balls sounds like a bummer. I guess that's why he's using her as a human shield. She appears to be having fun, but what if her implants popped? Not for me. But, what do I know?

This Thing - What is this? Looks like a bro. Check out that mellow expression. Dude probably hangs out, scoring bugs with that crazy tongue and just chillin' all day. He looks pretty fluffy too. He'd probably just lay around your living room all winter, and let you lounge on him like a big ass sheep dog. Plus, those are some sweet horns, and I bet he does flehmen.


This Garfield comic is pretty cool. Just look at that face. That cat is bummed. Anthropomorphic cartoon cat seems like a pretty sweet life style, so you know those mornings must suck. Plus,  cats just kinda nap, so he must have to go through that shit like 10 times a day. If you like cartoon cats, and hate mornings, this would be a pretty cool poster to have. You could hang it up in your workspace next to the throwing knives, and all your coworkers would know what's up. They'd be like "If you're not a cartoon cat you better leave that motherfucker alone for a few hours." and you could just dick around and write reviews for this blog or bid on used condoms on e bay, or something.


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