Thursday, December 9, 2010


"Trafficked" is a Youth Radio investigation produced with NPR's "All Things Considered". It explores the youth sex trade in Oakland. I lived near East 14th for a few years and saw these girls out there every day. It's fucking creepy. There's some mention in the "extras" of cops letting girls off in exchange for favors. Living at the end of an unlit alley I saw plenty of parked cop cars with bobbing heads. I wish that had been explored more. There's alot of shit I wish had been explored in greater detail, but it's cool that they're exposing this shit to people outside the neighborhood. It's a complex, fucked up situation, and it was cool to hear people that really lived it express themselves. Frequently you get some sheltered collage dip shit condescending to us all. Overall this ain't too bad for mainstream culture dipping it's toes into a self regulating community.
For better or worse, Oakland = Hustle.

"That's why I love Oakland. That's where I'm from. That's where I go get my money at."

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