Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More random LJ pics

What the fuck?! This is obviously a serious bummer for this poor kid and the folks that take care of her, but, what the fuck! This series of photos is straight up freaky. As I scrolled down this image I was like... "That's weird. A syringe of nasty brown liquid with some dolls. Whoah! There's more to this!? A fucking chihuahua! Is this some weirdo, TMI, 'watch me feed my sick chihuahua' shit? People are funny with their fucked up sublimational jibba jabba. Yeah! There's more! A long shot of these cute crimes against nature in their snuggly pink... WHOAH!!! Holy Shit!!!! It's a kid! Oh my fuck! She does not look comfortable! That shits going in her neck! That's not her throat! It's on the side, like in an artery or some shit! FUCK!!! But the... and the... FUCK!!! What the hell is going on?! ARRRGH!!!!" Seriously, this is like an amazingly delicious chocolate cupcake with a single cube of licorice on top, and fugu poison inside.

1 comment:

  1. I say, what a hell have you agains chihuahuas? I have a chihuahua and is like the one on the pic hee hee hee. Well,i don't like pink! Mmmmh! I need a chocolate and strawberry cake righ now... your fault!